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Pat Hayes Torres is a product of New York’s melting pot. Mr. Torres’
mother, came from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, during her late teen years and
his father’s family was of Irish descent. Mr. Torres is a product of public
housing and comes from a family of Board of Education teachers.
Pat Hayes Torres is the founding member of the Hayes Law Practice
P.C., a community law practice serving the needs of Brooklyn. Mr. Torres
conducts criminal trials, represents clients in Grand Jury presentations and
debriefs clients in joint conference with District Attorney’s Office. He also
conducts civil trials regarding personal injury, real estate matters, and
commercial matters. He also represents the firm’s clients in hearings at
Family Court, State Liquor Authority, Department of Motor Vehicle, and
Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Mr. Torres is committed to the community of Brooklyn. He serves as a board member to the Sunset
Park Business Improvement District and worked on a project to upgrade the Wi-Fi system along Fifth
Avenue in Brooklyn. A Win-Win situation for both the residence and business community of Sunset
Park. Mr. Torres also serves as a board member to the Coney Island YMCA. In addition, Mr. Torres is
involved with several groups that donate and provide food during Thanksgiving, toys during the holiday
season and, scholarships to high school students.
During the Pandemic, Mr. Torres along with the Sunset Park Lions Club and UA3 collected and
distributed food to individuals and organizations within Sunset Park to remediate the food insecurity
experienced in the community.
Besides the Coney Island YMCA, Mr. Torres serves as Chairperson to the o Community Re-Entry
Center, Inc., Advisory Board. He serves as a liaison between the community, the half-way house and
the Federal Bureau of Prison. Mr. Torres, also serves as a counselor and advisor to a local church in
Before commencing his practice, Mr. Torres joined the Office of the District Attorney of Kings County
where he became supervising Assistant District Attorney and later worked as a colleague with the
District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. In 1999, Mr. Torres joined a civil law firm where he tried general
liability matters.
Prior to his legal career, Mr. Torres worked with Irving Trust Company and Mutual of America where
he served as account manager for new bond issues, he audited and dispersed bond proceeds pursuant to
the Bond Indenture Agreements to Bondholders and Creditors. He analyzed operating and capital
budgets, prepared audits and corporate projections at Mutual of America. He also provided assistance
and guidance to outside cost centers in managing budget and forecast operating and capital expenditures.
Mr. Torres received his Juris Doctor degree from New York Law School and his Bachelor of Science
degree in Finance from CUNY- College of Staten Island. Mr. Torres is admitted to practice before the
Courts of the State of New York and United States Eastern District of New York. He is currently Vice
President to the Puerto Rican Bar Association and a member of the Character and Fitness Committee for
the Second Judicial Department.

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